bridging the gap

sensiva® PA 40 is the ultimate protection for sun protection

Consumers want sunscreen products that are effective, but higher SPFs present unique preservation challenges. To bridge this gap, schülke provides sensiva® PA 40 – peerless protection for your sunscreen formulations.

Sunscreen formulas based on organic sun filters become increasingly difficult to preserve as the SPF increases. This can be attributed to the increasing level of polar oil phase.

Sunscreens based on inorganic sun filters have grown increasingly popular. They also pose unique challenges in preservation.

schülke has found through extensive testing that sensiva® PA 40 provides superior preservation in sunscreens and other hard-to-preserve systems.

  • Antimicrobial stabilizer blend
  • Highly effective at low use levels
  • Enhancer for soft preservative systems
  • Mild humectant and emollient

  • schülke understands the complex demands of sunscreen formulation. Let us help you bridge the preservation gap.
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    schülke — our expertise from preservation to multifunctional additives

    Since 1889, Schülke & Mayr GmbH has been one of the world‘s leading names in preservation and industrial hygiene. Our products and services help you to protect people and materials against infection and contamination.

    Our euxyl® brand provides numerous preservative blends for the cosmetic industry. These optimized combinations of active substances offer broad spectrum efficacy, keeping cosmetic products free of microbial growth.

    Our sensiva® brand includes versatile, multifunctional skin care additives for personal care products. Their unique properties make them suitable for use in a wide range of cosmetic applications — including creams, lotions and deodorants.

    Our grotamar® brand biocide preservatives for diesel fuels quickly kill and control microbial contamination.

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    efficient — by design

    euxyl® from schülke is a family of multicomponent preservative systems that makes formulating simpler. With a wide variety of chemistries to choose from, there is a euxyl® product to meet almost any preservation need.

    euxyl® gives you:

  • Proven broad spectrum efficacy
  • Easy-handling liquid blends
  • Preservatives for leave-on products
  • Preservatives for rinse-off products
  • Preservatives for wet-wipe products

  • smooth — safe — sensiva®

    sensiva® products from schülke are unique, versatile preparations that boost preservative effectiveness and feel silky-smooth to the touch. They open up new possibilities for cosmetic formulations, to help you create better products.

    sensiva® products are:

  • versatile skin care additives
  • applicable in a wide variety of cosmetic products
  • emollient and mild humectant
  • boosters for traditional preservative actives
  • antimicrobial stabilizer blends

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