balanced preservation

euxyl® K 720 is a cosmetic preservative that offers clear advantages.

euxyl®K 720:

  • Mild, cost-effective preservative blend
  • Strong broad spectrum efficacy
  • Ideal solution for wet wipes
  • Suitable for sensitive applications
  • Added value as humectant
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    Product description

    euxyl® K 720 is a liquid, colorless cosmetic preservative based on well-known, broadly accepted molecules. This synergistic combination of the actives benzoic acid and caprylyl glycol is designed for modern wet wipes, rinse-off and leave-on applications with low pH levels. The preservative is an ideal solution for sensitive skin applications. No discoloration is to be expected.

    euxyl® K 720 has a broad, balanced spectrum of effect against bacteria, yeast and mold proven in challenge tests.

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