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SAI Newsflash 2019/ No. 33

Rutgers University Presentation

On February 19, schülke was invited by Rutgers University in New Jersey to do a small presentation on “Fundamentals on Preservation in Personal Care Products” to the students enrolled in the Masters Program of Cosmetic Science.

Ingrid Chirico, Distributor Network Manager at schülke, inc. gave the presentation in front of 25 students present in the classroom as well as additional students taking the course online. 2/3rds of these students are currently working in the personal care industry, and many of them are already schülke customers.

These type of events are great exposure to promote schülke products, and we hope to keep the collaboration with other universities and entities in the industry on future events.

SAI Newsflash 2018/ No. 32

NYSCC Suppliers´ Day

In May schülke Inc. USA attended The New York Society of Cosmetic Chemists Suppliers Day.

“Suppliers Day” is the largest exhibition in the world aimed at connecting cosmetic formulating chemists with material and service suppliers. They call it “A global ingredients marketplace”. This year the event attracted 9,427 registrants, representing 58 countries. It is a two day event that takes place at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York.

It really is a unique opportunity to both meet and connect with customers and discuss new developments and study the cosmetic market. We also had guests for the show; Dr Sonja Luethje, Jana Ruffert and Arne Roettger from Norderstedt. They enjoyed mixing the exhibition with New York hospitality in the City that never sleeps. Like the busy City the event was filled with lots of opportunities to engage with customers and sales partners. A trusting and fruitful environment created supportive discussions about natural ingredients, the status of schulke as an expert and the need of non EU products for the US market (already in discussion within schulke in the last days).

The theme of Suppliers Day this year was the “the Art and Science of Formulation”. We took this theme and modified it to “Art of Preservation” for our show advertising (see below).

To further key-in with the artistic theme we had our Marketing Consultant; Joshua West painting copies of our product brochure cover-art live on the stand. This proved an instant hit with people gathering around the stand to watch him paint!

After two days of the show we then attend the schülke USA Personal Care Annual Meeting. In this we sit with our US Distributor and Agent network and discuss current, ongoing and future business. Alongside this Jana educated the salesforce on euxyl K720 and Dr Sonja Luethje trained us all on The Chances and Challenges of Preservative Development.

Overall it was a wonderful experience where we all learned more about the US and global market and schülke’s future direction.