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expertise from preservation to multifunctional additives for personal care products and formulations

Since 1889, Schülke & Mayr GmbH has been one of the world‘s leading names in preservation and industrial hygiene. Our products and services help protect people and materials against infection and contamination. Our goal is the continual improvement of products, processes and services in order to ensure your success and satisfaction, while maintaining our corporate social responsibility.

We reflect this desire for constant improvement with our award-winning innovations, like sensiva®PA 40. Our drive for innovation in preservation has led us to sponsor events, such as the GC3 Preservation Challenge.

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Our company philosophy is based on a total quality concept that considers not only the quality of our products in the sense of effective product formulas, but also workplace safety, environmental management, and leadership and cooperation.

Our euxyl® brand provides preservative blends for the cosmetic industry. These optimized combinations of active substances offer broad spectrum efficacy, keeping cosmetic products free of microbial growth.

Our sensiva® brand includes versatile, multifunctional skin care additives for personal care products. Their unique properties make them suitable for use in a wide range of cosmetic applications — including creams, lotions and deodorants.

Our sensidin® brand provides excellent efficacy in deodorants at very low use concentrations.

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COVID-19 Update: schülke inc. Remains Open:

Our office is working reduced hours and many of our staff are working from home offices. We ask for your patience, as certain functions may take slightly longer due to the circumstances.
As per US Department of Homeland Security guidance in response to COVID-19, schülke inc. is classified as an “essential business". We and our warehouse will remain open to serve our customers. We are focused on keeping employees and customers safe by following and remaining compliant with CDC guidelines.

For anything from technical specifications to product recommendations, let us make your job easier! Give us a call at +1-888-267-4220 to speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives.

For orders: Please contact our customer service at

For technical inquiries: Please contact our Technical Support Team at We will do our best to keep you informed of any changes in this situation.

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